Does nike use seo?

Nike is a great example of retail brands using SEO to accelerate their businesses. They're there and you know it. Collecting and analyzing SEO data is incredibly powerful for increasing traffic. This does not include broader terms such as Nike soccer cleats, Nike Air Force One, Nike sports bra, Nike golf balls and the millions of searches that are made in some way with the word Nike.

To achieve this goal, Nike Golf has decided to adopt a strategy that increases the accessibility of the website in search engines, together with the regular optimization of the content published on it. By having sites with such intensive use of Flash (which, moreover, definitely have a lot of value), Nike impairs its ability to rank well in natural search results after tens of millions of monthly searches for these terms. “Nike-related” topics are still popular on YouTube because of the creativity of new influencers and Nike's innovative products. Later, when they launched Nike Golf 360, they applied a highly accessible HTML-5-based platform taking into account the growth results achieved by Nike Golf using SEO in mind.

If you go to YouTube and type “Nike review” in the search bar, you can get a few hundred results. Imagine that the number of searches made for these terms could dwarf the volume of searches for Nike brand terms. Nike is paying to take a first-rate position in PPC, which means that search is important as a way to gain exposure, brand awareness and, possibly, perhaps, sales. Reebok, Nike's competitor, is still working to lead and boost its SEO efforts by hiring SEO specialists, not to mention interacting with other members of the SEO team or SEO agencies.

Nike is using an extensive SEO strategy to compete with these brands that have the same marketing and technology available. The main purpose of Nike Golf is to increase the visibility of your website on different search engines to attract a greater number of visitors to your website during the golf season.

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