How does adidas seo?

To rank high in Google's SERPs, a website must determine the keywords that users will commonly search for. As seen in the image above, Adidas is ranked. The second stage of the customer journey is the “THINK” phase. During this stage, the normal person already knows sportswear and the options to buy it, now they are looking for the best product and the best brand option.

The goal of Adidas is to be the most important brand for the customer, which means that the customer must be convinced that adidas is the online store where they should buy the product. As they search for information online and enjoy shopping online, they will use a search engine to find the web store that best suits their needs. For adidas to reach customers in the “THINK” phase, they need to focus their efforts on improving their online presence through search engine optimization (SEO). There are 3 pillars that are used to evaluate the SEO performance of a website, namely technique, content and authority.

There, he leads the global SEO team responsible for offering an organic strategy for brands such as Adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade, Rockport and CCM. Not even half of Adidas's keywords are in the top 10 search results; this rate could be increased by improving keyword optimization. Since SEO is such an essential part of online marketing for any brand, I thought it would be a good exercise to analyze the SEO activities of a brand as established and successful as Adidas. General Purpose As assistant manager of organic traffic generation (SEO) at adidas, you support the team in a defined traffic generation practice within Digital and on a constant basis and help drive their evolution.

You contribute to the analysis that drives the reach of Adidas and contribute to the optimization of marketing expenses.

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